Miraculous Ladybug Weighted Blanket-I love LB

$59.00 USD


If you have the Lady Bug weighted blanket, you and your kids will be warm and snug through the night. It's made from 100% polyester microfiber with special heathered fibers that make it feel soft against the skin but durable enough for long-lasting use!

Warm blankets like these not only protect you from chilly weather. You are also bringing home a stylish and aesthetically pleasing product.

This weighted blanket provides deep pressure touch stimulation without awkward restriction, thanks to the right quantity of non-toxic beads. When weight causes the body to release serotonin and endorphins, the chemicals our bodies produce when feeling calm or relaxed, our bodies naturally feel relaxed or calm. In addition to the darkness that occurs during nighttime, the pineal gland produces melatonin, our natural sleep-promoting hormone. It's a one-of-a-kind design.

The pattern is beautiful - your kids and the family members will fall in love with the design. It’s colorful and extra warm, so if you want the perfect addition to your home, LadyBug weighted blanket is the best choice. The range of colors used in the blanket are pleasing to the human eye and they are a favorite among young children.

An LB Miraculous Ladybug Weighted Blanket is the perfect gift. Order today and get the unique gift for your loved ones.

What sets us apart?

We have spent many years perfecting the science of knitting, and it is because of this knowledge that we can create such mind-blowing fabrics.

Better Sleep

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The helmet's unique design ensures superior breathability and ventilation because of free airflow.

Weighted Evenly

Hand-knitted. The unique beadless design ensures that weight is evenly distributed, and you can wear this hat for hours without pesky beads getting in your way or causing discomfort on sensitive skin!

Machine Washable

The durable fabric makes it machine washable. To avoid damage to the clothes, use a laundry net bag and dry them at their lowest heat setting in order not to scorch or fade any colors!

Sleep Soudly Again

The warmest hug

The Miraculous Outdoor Blanket is a one-of-a-kind product that will be treasured for years. It has an original design pattern you can't find anywhere else, perfect as a gift or decoration!

Get Quality Sleep together

A weighted blanket is a great tool for parents of children with anxiety. It helps provide them comfort and stability when they feel stressed or overwhelmed, which could worsen their symptoms in some cases!

Premium quality

The glass beads in our blanket are specially treated to retain minimal body heat and are naturally hypoallergenic and lead-free. They're barely noticeable but still provide an elegant look that all can appreciate!

Support & Comfort

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Designed for everyday use

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