Navy Chunky Weighted Blanket

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Navy Chunky Weighted Blanket For Superior-Quality Sleep

We live in a competitive world, and stress has become a part of our daily life. With a navy chunky weighted blanket from Zonli, you are sure to sleep longer and better. Its color is soothing to the eyes and will transform your room into an exquisite space. The core-spun chunky yarn material makes this blanket breathable, washable, and sturdy. It applies light pressure to your body as you sleep, relieving stress.

Get A Good Night’s Sleep With Zonli Navy Chunky Weighted Blanket

Chunky blankets from Zonli are all about comfort. Your home will feel snug, and the moment you get back home, you’ll feel like flopping into the bed and taking a deep slumber. This blanket is warm, soft, and cozy to cuddle up on a cool evening. The loop pattern adds a nice elasticity and makes it simple for you to breathe through.

A Perfect Addition To Your Home

Zonli navy chunky weighted blanket is stylish and breathable, and it offers ventilation and the comfort you need. Place it in any corner of your home or the bed; your guests and family members won’t take their eyes off this supremely beautiful and plush blanket. Make your home extra cozy with a Zonli chunky weighted blanket. 

Zonli navy chunky weighted blanket will wrap you in comfort that extends beyond warmth; it will help relieve anxiety and stress and make you feel good. Sleep in the clouds with our chunky weighted blanket; order yours today!

What sets us apart?

Our excellent material was created through years of research and advanced knitting technology.

Better Sleep

A family or friend would appreciate a great present; buying this item is a natural way to help you relax and get a better night's sleep.


The holes maintain superior breathability and ventilation by allowing unrestricted airflow.

Weighted Evenly

Evenly distributing the weight through the unique beadless design is guaranteed by hand knitting.


This enormous blanket is big enough to hold a couch, sofa, or bed and is suitable for indoor naps.

Fall in love with sleep again

Less stress, better sleep, more joy

Everything wrong with traditional weighted blankets has been fixed so you can have a more restful and longer sleep. Our Chunky Weighted Blanket combines art and science and offers a warm and comforting experience.

Feel the Difference

Weighted blankets can help people sleep better, reduce stress, and ease anxiety. They provide the same comforting sensations as a loving embrace.

Better Materials for Longevity and Durability

Our playful, handmade construction is breathable and durable thanks to twisted polyester yarn filling and acrylic knitted shell fabric that will not shed or pill over time.

Hand knitted & Better Breathability

Our weighted blanket has a gorgeous hand-knit design that ensures superior breathability compared to traditional weighted blankets. Let down your hair and relax.

From Our Hands to Yours

Our goal was to reinvent the weighted blanket. We created an eco-friendly, breathable weighted blanket by hand knitting it exclusively from the material.

Machine Washable

Machine washing is possible with this material. Use a laundry net bag and dry it on the lowest heat to get the best results.