Faux Fur Heated Weighted Blanket-6 Heating Levels-10 Hours Auto

$189.00 USD


Zonli Heated weighted heated blanket combines the most desirable features of electric and weighted blankets by providing cozy warmth and anxiety-relieving pressure therapy.

Features of the Heated Weighted Blanket:

  1. 10 Hour Auto-off digital controller
  2. 6 personal heat setting
  3. Up to 115℉
  4. 350 GSM Faux Fur
  5. Machine washable and dry
  6. 1-year limited warranty
  7. UL and cUL Listed

Gentle Weighted Stimulation

A heated weighted blanket can be good for sleep as it provides a sense of comfort and security, which can promote relaxation and help people fall asleep faster. The weight of the blanket can help create something called deep pressure touch (DPT), which can help sleepers calm down, decreasing their depression and relieving anxiety.

Customized Warmth

Applying heat is a well-known treatment for aches and pains. The heated weighted blanket's therapeutic warmth can ease muscle tension and help calm your nerves when working on a stressful day.