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Plagoods Toaster Home Toast Slice Heating Small Sandwich Breakfast Machine

The toaster is mainly used to bake bread. It has multi-functional gear, which can bake the most suitable bread for your taste. It has good heat insulation effect and reduces the risk of scald. The chassis with bread crumbs can be cleaned quickly.

The operation is simple: it only takes simple steps to complete the baking, put the bread in and press the gear, and it only takes 5 minutes to wait for the bread to pop out.

Multiple flavors: the bread machine has a variety of gears, which can make different flavor bread according to different gears.

Slot width: widened the bread baking trough, no matter how thick or thin the bread can bake a good taste.

Easy to clean: the bottom of the toaster can store all the crumbs, which is easy to take out and clean directly. The shell of the toaster is also a good material for cleaning.

Safety and health: bread machine has a good dust-proof design, dust is not easy to fall into the bread machine, the shell is also solid and safe.